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Sound Insulation

Immerse yourself in serene environments with our advanced sound-insulated sliding doors, curbing noise intrusion for enhanced focus, relaxation, and an overall improved quality of life.

Weather Resistance

Durable sliding doors provide exceptional weather resistance, shielding interiors from harsh elements while maintaining aesthetic appeal and ensuring long-lasting functionality.

High Security

Advanced sliding doors ensure high security, integrating robust locks and materials, granting peace of mind and safeguarding homes and businesses against potential threats.

No Upfront Payment

Efficient sliding door repair without upfront payment ensures swift restoration of functionality, minimizing inconvenience and providing cost-effective solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Sliding Door Service

Sliding Door Mechanism Explained

The operation of sliding doors relies on a mechanism known as sliding door gear. There are primarily three standard types of sliding door gear systems: top-hung sliding doors, bottom-rolling door gear, and lift-and-slide door gear.

Sliding doors function by moving horizontally along a track, typically parallel to a wall. They can be installed in two main ways: either suspended from an overhead track or mounted on top of it. In some advanced mechanisms, sliding doors can even slide into a wall, effectively disappearing from view when opened.

Several common varieties of sliding doors include arcadia doors, pocket doors, and bypass doors.

Issues Affecting the Functionality of Sliding Doors

Various factors can disrupt the smooth operation of sliding doors. Here are some common causes:

1. Misalignment: Exerting excessive force when operating a sliding door can cause it to derail from its track. Typically, this occurs when the adjustment screws at the top and bottom of the track become dislodged, rendering the sliding door inoperative.

2. Track Contamination: With regular use, sliding doors can accumulate dirt, mud, hair, dust, and rust within their tracks and grooves. The buildup of debris can lead to increased friction between the track and the rollerblades, resulting in operational failures.

3. Damaged Rollers: Often, subpar or worn-out roller blades are culprits behind operational issues with sliding doors. If these roller blades are damaged, broken, or chipped, they won't smoothly glide along the track. Additionally, if left unattended, impaired rollers can harm the track itself.

4. Malfunctioning Locking System: Sliding doors are equipped with locking systems for security purposes. However, when a door derails, collapses, or becomes misaligned, it can disrupt the locking mechanism, compromising the safety and security of occupants within the building.

5. Doors Stuck in Tracks: Over time, the sliding function of doors can deteriorate due to regular wear and tear. When sliding doors fail to open or close smoothly, it indicates friction between the track and the rollerblades. If left unaddressed, this can lead to a bent track or further misalignment, exacerbating the issue. Moreover, stuck doors can be particularly troublesome, especially when they are installed in areas like patios or balconies.


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